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Fer Mamlaa Gadbad Hai Upcoming Punjabi Movie Feat. Ninja

"Fer Mamlaa Gadbad Hai” movie’s main characters are Ninja, Preet Kamal, B.N. Sharma, Upesh Jangwal etc. The film is written by Kumar Ajay and will be directed by Sagar S. Sharma.

“Fer Mamlaa Gadbad Hai” Hopefully you’ll remember this song. This famous song by Gurdas Mann Saab has been in the news for many decades. Whenever something seems strange, it is easy to say that “Fer Mamla Gadbad Hai” !!! Now let’s talk about the upcoming Punjabi film which is titled “Fer Mamlaa Gadbad Hai”. This film is going to be ...

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