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Titli Song by Satinder Sartaaj Out Now

Satinder Sartaaj New Song Titli Released


A love story like never before! Get ready to fall in love all over again with #Titli in the soulful voice of Satinder Sartaaj.


Maybe while searching shall reach till me;
I have even deliberately hidden a possession;
Maybe he smells the fragrance of love;
I even deliberately perched the butterfly upon the flowers !!

The nectar accumulated from the roses by bees;
They have unfurled it on the leaves of lotuses;
The group of honeybees mesmerised with our passion;
They have gifted the extracted honey from their beehives;
I have entwined nectar and honey in the words;
I have deliberately created sugar syrup of pure love !!

Satinder sartaaj titli song

When my song like beloved glances lovingly;
Then that gives me a sense of pride;
Sometimes he turn into a child in the lap of words;
And at another instance, he become Sartaaj amidst the poetry;
Just with the hope that someday he will definitely ask;
That’s why I deliberately narrated his poem on though !!

Made a golden coloured nest woven with desires;
And even hanged it on a branch of hopes;
In those tender dreams have been dozing;
I have also coloured them pink;
Today delivered a message far and wide via alluring winds;
Have deliberately spread the news of flying !!

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